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Rospatent IP News Digest April 2022
18 May 2022

Effective rocket fuel

Patent No.: 2768870

The patented invention is a new chemical compound and the method for its production. It is a derivative of furazan, which has properties that allow it to be used as an oxidizer or an energy-intensive filler for mixed solid rocket fuels.

Due to the combination of high enthalpy of formation, high density, optimal oxygen content and the presence of hydrogen in its composition, the compound can be used as an effective, energy-intensive component of mixed solid rocket fuels.


40th Session of the EAPO Administrative Council

On April 11, 2022, the 40th session of the Administrative Council of the Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO) was held under the chairmanship of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Tajikistan Mirzo Ismoilzoda. The session was attended by the new President of the EAPO Grigory Ivliev and Head of Rospatent Yury Zubov.

The Council summarized the results of the work of the EAPO in 2020-2021, reviewed and adopted the budget of the Organization for the next period.

The Council approved a number of regulatory documents, including a renewed version of the Financial Instructions to the Eurasian Patent Convention, and launched specialized task forces on legal and IT issues. It also made decisions related to the implementation of the Protocol to the Eurasian Patent Convention on the Protection of Industrial Designs, as well as to the Eurasian Patent Office fulfilling its functions as an International Searching Authority and the International Preliminary Examining Authority under the PCT.


Advanced UAV control

Patent No.: 2767605

The main flight control of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is carried out by its onboard autonomous system. However, flight safety requires constant monitoring of the device's location in the permitted area in real time. The length of air routes and limitations of radio signals require the placement of several control points along the UAV route.

The proposed small-sized radio station can serve as such a control point. It corrects the parameters of the UAV movement when it deviates from a given trajectory. At the same time, the communication channel between the UAV and the radio station is highly interference-proof.

The proposed solution allows to control the flights of UAVs under strong radio interference, to react promptly to any deviations in operation, while mass and dimensions of the radio station make it possible to place these devices on aircraft and helicopters.


Rospatent launches the Center for Promoting Emerging Technologies

On April 15, 2022, the Head of Rospatent Yury Zubov announced the launch of the Center for the Promotion of Emerging Technologies.

The main task of the Center is to coordinate high-tech projects. The experience in examination of inventions, knowledge of various patenting strategies and interaction of Rospatent with developers of high-tech solutions will allow to accelerate the launch of new products or products with improved technical and economic characteristics into the Russian market.


Mobile Arctic Wind Farm

Patent No.: 2769560

The mobile wind farm patented by Russian inventors is intended for use in the Arctic regions.

The patented technical solution allows to extend the area of the working surface of the wind farm’s blades so as to increase the productivity of the wind farm when the air flow is weak and to reduce the blades’ working surface when the air flow increases.

In addition, the invention uses magnetic bearings, which avoids the need to use lubricants at low temperatures.


CISPATENT Coordination Council

On April 27, 2022, a regular meeting of the Coordination Council on the Project for the Release of the Regional Patent Information Product for CIS Countries (CISPATENT) was held online by Rospatent.

The participants heard a report on the results of the CISPATENT product release in 2021, discussed the actual cost and scope of work in 2021, as well as the planned costs for the preparation and release of the CISPATENT product in 2022.

Furthermore, the participants have been informed about the following issues: the current updates of Rospatent’s information systems; the planned transition to the WIPO standard ST.96; further interaction of participating IP Offices within the framework of the Project.


Yury Zubov attends the 30th anniversary of the National Center of Intellectual Property of Belarus

On April 27, 2022 Rospatent delegation headed by Head of Rospatent Yury Zubov took part in the events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the National Center of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Belarus (NCIP) in Minsk.

During the events, Yury Zubov congratulated the NCIP on its anniversary and spoke at the opening of the regional seminar “The Role of Intellectual Property in Innovative Development”.

During the meeting with the NCIP Director General Uladzimir Rabavolau, the Heads of IP Offices discussed topical issues of bilateral cooperation, including interaction within the Union State, and steps for further cooperation on Eurasian fora.

On April 28, 2022, representatives of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property spoke at the seminar “Modern Trends in the Development Legal Protection Systems of Industrial Designs in the Eurasian Region”.


IV International IP ERA Conference

On April 28, 2022, Rospatent held the IV International IP ERA Conference subtitled “Digital Ecosystem of Intellectual Property”.

Headliners of the conference included Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maxim Reshetnikov, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Andrey Omelchuk, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Vasily Shpak, Head of Rospatent Yury Zubov, and the President of the Eurasian Patent Office Grigory Ivliev.

The plenary session of the event was devoted to the topics of building a digital information and expert environment for developers of technological solutions, providing free access to digital services and knowledge in R&D, developing support mechanisms for accelerated innovation and introduction of competitive domestic goods to the Russian market.

At the thematic sessions, the participants discussed the culture of working with data and its use for digitalization of public administration, the development of Rospatent’s client-oriented services and their integration with the ongoing R&D, presented tools to support the IT industry and medicine, clarified application of amendments in IP legislation.